Butterfly Landings JENRON DESIGNS Mantle Details

Skye + AJ

| The Montoya Wedding @ Bullock Springs Manor|

Welcome to this beautiful sunset wedding where two hearts are joined together as one. This simply chic wedding took place at local family owned facility, located in  Dallas, Georgia. Bullock Springs Manor has a beautiful covered outdoor wedding venue perfect for the pandemic ceremonies these days. In Skye’s flowers you will see a luxurious mixture of seeded eucalyptus and silver dollar eucalyptus combined throughout the entire bridal party along with the flatlay centerpieces on the reception site tables. The centerpieces also boosted a triad of floating candle centerpieces with submerged flowers for the guests viewing. This was a late July wedding, so a seasonal selection botanicals like pale blue hydrangea, white wax flower, blue thistle,  were added to create a nice textural mix to the rich tones of the purple Ocean Song, Amnesia, and Lucky Lavender roses. Ocean Song roses boutonnieres accented with Blue thistle and seeded Eucalyptus created a distinctly southern farmhouse look for the men. Pretty white wax  flowers, lined the aisle  in  wine bottles aisle markers. The custom built wedding mantle flowers was created on site with a mixture of pale blue Hydrangea, blue Thistle,  Cremon mums, roses, layers of eucalyptus and draping smilax garland for a very organic feel. The cake was a was rustic iced cake with a full floral topper and side corsages, accompanied by individual served cupcakes of assorted flavors for the guests. The couple also had a sweethearts table in the center of the room so they could be surrounded by all their guests one last time before they departed on their new journey as Skye fulfills her dream as she researches cures for cancer in Miami, wishing them all the best!

*Some of the pictures are courtesy of: One Soul Photography

Butterfly Landings JENRON DESIGNS Flowers

Butterfly Landings JENRON DESIGNS Bridal Party

Butterfly Landings JENRON DESIGNS Boutonnières

Butterfly Landings JENRON DESIGNS Corsages

Butterfly Landings Jenron Designs floral
Butterfly Landings Jenron Designs flowers

Butterfly Landings Jenron Designs bride

Butterfly Landings Jenron Designs groom

Butterfly Landings Jenron Designs bridesmaids

Butterfly Landings JENRON DESIGNS Ceremony

Butterfly Landings JENRON DESIGNS Mantle

Butterfly Landings JENRON DESIGNS Aisle Markers

Butterfly Landings JENRON DESIGNS Bride & Dad

Butterfly Landings Jenron Designs ceremony

Butterfly Landings Jenron Designs Bridal Party

Butterfly Landings Jenron Designs Mother

Butterfly Landings Jenron Designs Groom Family

Butterfly Landings JENRON DESIGNS Tables

Butterfly Landings Jenron Designs centerpieces

Butterfly Landings Jenron Designs tables

Butterfly Landings JENRON DESIGNS Cake

Butterfly Landings JENRON DESIGNS Sweetheart Table jpg  Butterfly Landings JENRON DESIGNS Toss Bouquet

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