April + Kip

| The Farlow Wedding @The Hardaman Sam’s House|

It is said that rain on your wedding is good luck, and will symbolize all the tears you will not shed during your marriage. If that is the case this couple should have the happiest marriage on the planet. Unforeseen storms forced a planned outdoor, gazebo wedding, to be pushed inside and we turned this antique arched window into the make shift alter area.  Since this was an older historic home the challenge was finding a room big enough to hold the guests and wide enough to have some kind of an aisle, and this room was it.  For a quick fix on the fly with only an hour to spare I feel proud of what we were able to accomplish. In fact the rain drizzling down the window in the background was really very pretty in an ethereal way. The bride bouquet consisted of deep red dahlias, black magic roses and hypericum berries collared with galax leaves. We added purple hydrangea and green mums to the silver  julep cup centerpieces and for height Belles of Ireland and Purple Larkspur where added to the mantle pieces, and vases arrangements.

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