Amanda + Mark

|The Campbell Wedding @ White Columns Chattahoochee Club |

This couple celebrated the holidays by tying the knot in small impromptu holiday gathering that turned into a wedding. The bride had a small elegant white rose and stephanotis bouquet accented with loads of pearls since she is a the founder of the Santa Rosa Pearl Co. I also wrapped the entire base of the bouquet with strands of  decadent pearls over ivory satin to continue the pearl theme and left a little trinket of my own behind for her, a butterfly hair pin. The grooms boutonniere was a lovely cluster of all pearl head stephanotis a traditional wedding flower that brings luck to every couple. At the Capital City Club the reception tables were a beautiful combination of lime green hydrangea, Vendella roses, golden ting ting curls and fragrant classic Casablanca Lilies. The large buffet tables adored Golden Ting Ting Curls, Belles of Ireland, white Gladiolus, Vendella roses and more of the fragrant classic Casablanca Lilies. The trademark mantle the couple where the couple was wed, had a lovely drapery of ivy and springeri along with soaring heights of Belles of Ireland, white Gladiolus, Vendella roses, lime green hydrangea and Casablanca Lilies.

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