Chris + Eddie

| The McClain Wedding @ Ippolito’s Private Room |

This happy couples wedding reception was held in a private room of quaint little Italian bistro. The featured flowers were a beautiful mix of the trendy aubergine mini Calla Lilies, lime green Dendrobium Orchids, Polo roses, Belles of Ireland, Casablanca lilies and Limelight Hydrangeas. The grooms presented each other with a single silver julep vase of red roses, symbolizing the day they met. The couple exchanged their vows on the open air balcony of the second floor ballroom. In the private room, we set a large wrapping head table for all the guests. A large centerpiece demarcated where the couple would sit filled with a low centerpiece of full sized white Calla Lilies, artichokes, monkey tails, Polo roses, Casablanca lilies, English Ivy, bear grass loops, and Larkspur. The rest of the tables had  mini mint julep cups filled with aubergine mini Calla lilies, Polo roses, Casablanca lilies, English Ivy, and Limelight Hydrangeas. The large buffet arrangement housed the same flowers with added  artichokes, bear grass loops, Gladiolus, Larkspur and tall willow branches for a touch more of stylized drama. The cake topper was a flat lay design of aubergine mini calla lilies, lime green Dendrobium Orchids and bear grass loops, surrounded with white rose petals.

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