Jazmin + Ryan

| The Asmer Wedding @ Christ The King & St. Ives Country Club |

It started off with a mild summer day at Christ the King Cathedral in Atlanta. While this stately church requires or allows no adornment, the bride carried an elegant hand tied rose assortment with tiny clusters of pearl head stephanotis a traditional wedding flower. Clusters of lime green cymbidium orchids, red roses, green hyperiucm berries and bear grass loops made for a timeless set of bouquets hailed in front of the champagne clad bridesmaids. The mothers opted for smaller version of the same bouquets in a more modern looks as opposed to the traditional dendrobium orchid corsages worn by the grandmothers, which matched the grooms and all groomsmen boutonnieres.

At the St. Ives reception hall tall glass eiffel towers filled with lime green cymbidium orchids lined the tables glorious centerpieces that consisted of funky shaped Belles of Ireland stalks, white dendrobium orchids with red and white roses. Their was also a large ice sculpture adoring the couples initials with matching flowers atop, which by the end of the evening had taken a tumble to the floor and shattered, after melting in the Georgia heat, during a lively round of Jump, Jump as floor flexed with crowd of people dancing. Then it was on the cake cutting, which was one the most unique and exquisite collaborations between buttercream and live flowers. The vines were all piped onto the cake, with live flowers  growing out of the cake, to match the brides flowers. Truly one of my favorites cakes that I have ever created and done!

Photo Credit: Cathy Riddick




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