Julie + Matt

| The Ogburn Wedding @ Boutier Winery |

One thing is fun certain your cup runneth over when you choose to wed at a winery. You can can eat, drink, and be married. Sticking with the wine tones and winery theme for this event, our flower selections went in more of a Merlot and purple direction. The brides bouquet featured a rare Picasso mini calla lily,  which are a unique two toned  variety of magenta and white. It also included white and purple stock, along with white dendrobium orchids.  The same orchids were also used as hair pins instead of a traditional veil. For the ceremony we covered a massive arbor with a selection of greenery, smilax garland and amaranthus woven into grapevine. Floral spray were added in all white the stand out against the green backdrop of the spring wood line. We lined the aisle with a mixed selection of wine bottles that were filled with daisies and white wax flowers to create a wildflower feeling as though you  had just picked them from a nearby field. The reception hall had one stately buffet urn located in the center of the room and several small handmade boxes created by the groom from pallets that held a mason jar of wildflowers in the bridal colors.

* Some photographs were courtesy of Anne Yarbough Photography

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