Lauren + Kevin

| The Robins Wedding @ Princeton Square |

A charming wedding that looks like it was at the most beautiful event home in town but it is actually their own backyard. “May the Fourth Be with You” was not the theme at this wedding event, even though it was the date. This bride had very simple and elegant tastes with a strong focus on only lush, beautiful greenery. The focal flowers were a deep rich burgundy Peony accented only with pearl headed stephanotis. Stephanotis is known as one the traditional wedding flowers for weddings, bringing good luck to all couples. A lush mixture of Magnolia Leaves, Cupped Seeded Eucalyptus, and Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, were combined with rare local seasonal botanicals like chocolate Queen Anne Lace and Cherokee Roses to create a distinctly southern affair for the table centerpieces and buffet tables. The sweethearts table was the only centerpiece to carry the brides signature colors. A simple greenery lined cake table was in the house to keep the cream cheese icing cool from melting in the hot Georgia heat.  I am also told there may have been an epic lightsaber duel at the the end of the night after sunset as the DJ cranked up the tunes, and we may have trashed the dress in the pool as well.

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