Rachel’s Birthday

|Rachel’s Birthday @ E.E. Robinson Park |

It is not often that I do birthday parties but as a special request I have created a few fun ones over the years. This Rapunzel theme party was held at a outdoor amphitheater for a live afternoon music concert and night viewing of the Rapunzel movie for this lucky young lady. We decorated the trees and pavilion with a custom made banner of  sunshine in the purple and gold theme of Rapunzel with a braided hair tassel.  Chinese lanterns in the signature colors of purples, white and gold adored all of the surrounding trees, and the pavilion ceiling. The tables had floating lilies to represent the sun in the bowls to adore the purple lined tables. Her cake also had the same lilies lined up around the top to create a fun sunshine effect to the top of the round cake. Tulle lined walkways to designate the party areas from the park areas had suncatchers to carry the Rapunzel theme forward as well. For the amphitheater I did handmade yellow luminaries in the same sun theme to light after dark to line the staircase during the movie. 

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