Sadie + Robin

| The Lane Wedding @ The Georgian Terrace |

This bold and ultra modern, statement wedding looks as if it came directly out of an issue of Vogue Magazine. Even though the affair took place at the quintessential southern mansion hotel of Atlanta, it clearly had an artsy vibe that could have easily been transferred to a chic New York or London event, ironically this couple now lives full time abroad in London. The bridal party flowers featured a clever mix of aubergine and white mini callas, that were accented with white garden dahlias and Polar Star roses. To add just a touch more drama I added gold ting ting loops, pearl head Stephanotis, a traditional wedding flower, and black monkey tails to make these bouquets one of a kind. The boutonnieres were two white mini calla lilies dressed with a monkey tail, wrapped with a black satin ribbon and gold wire. Simple white calla lily table centerpieces were used on the tables in glass bubble bowls, with white votive candles.

*Some photos were courtesy of Katie Rivers Photography

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